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Another News Story About Anthros in the Corporate World

In a growing list of news stories about anthropologists working outside of academia (here, for example), recently published a story about an anthropologist, trained in the ethnography of Native America, working for Intel. Her project is described this way:

The first task was to convince Intel that technology is used in dramatically different ways around the world. That quest ultimately led [the corporate anthro] to Asia for the better part of two years, where she observed middle-class families at home to understand how they used technology and how they might benefit from it if they didn’t. Her research influenced the creation of the China Home Learning PC. She helped create a mock-up of a Chinese living room so Intel engineers could observe how the Chinese lived in small quarters and which parts of their homes were most important.

Many of my students are much more technology-savy than this anthropologist — which suggests again that a combination of training in anthropology and technology might make one highly employable.

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