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‘Dude’ … A Website and Linguistic Anthropology

For the past few semesters, I have prefaced the study of linguistic anthropology with my Introduction to Cultural Anthropology students by reading the news story about Scott Kiesling’s study of the use of the word dude. The story appeared in December, 2004. It is written with enough humour to get people interested and it describes both Kiesling’s research methods and the relationship between dude and its use, or, between language and culture.

The news was picked up in the blogosphere at the same time. But, since I had yet to discover the joys of blogging and was not reading the blogs of others, I missed the excitement surrounding this article.

Now, thanks to my linguistics subscription within, I have found Kiesling’s own dude website. There, Kiesling has a link to the article published in American Speech. And, Kiesling provides access to his data, the dude corpus. It’s fun stuff!

(With apologies for being several months late on this … but I have students who will appreciate it.)

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