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Resource Shorts

1) The Takla First Nation (Dakleh, or, Carrier) in north-central British Columbia has initiated protests against the BC government to encourage greater consultation in regards to land and resource management. The protest is related to a conflict of interest that seems to exist whereby the BC government is required to consult with First Nations about land management and yet makes decisions which can infringe upon First Nations rights. (See my earlier posts here and here.)

Via Press Release

2) A resource exposition in Vancouver this week is meant, in part, to foster relationships between aboriginal groups and resource companies operating in northern BC. According to a native leader, realistic expectations exist:

“There are going to be challenges. When you interlace [development projects] with an uncertain treaty environment, with Supreme Court decisions in different forums on different issues, I think what it speaks to is the need for forums like this to show projects that have been done well.

“Are there going to be conflicts? Of course. That’s human nature. But I think [what] we need to do … is first to recognize the very legitimate role that indigenous people play in our decision-making and find ways to work together. That’s got to be critical.”

Via the Vancouver Sun; Yahoo Protecting Knowledge Group

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