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More on Arctic Climate Change

News stories about arctic climate change, with an Inuit focus, continue to circulate. Another from the Vancouver Sun coming out of the United Nations World Climate Change Conference. Of note:

“If anyone knows about climate change, it’s people who live their lives outside,” said [the president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, an organization representing the Inuit].

Dramatic climate changes and their impact on everyday life are troubling for many traditionalists, he added.

“Unusual animals are appearing where I hunt. I’d rather not have these species in my hunting grounds,” Naalak Nappaluk, 84, a Nunavik community elder who attended the UN conference to voice his concerns about climate change, said through an Inuktitut translator, citing lynx and a new variety of seal pups. “They are not good for the health of the existing animals, and disrupt the balance of nature.”

Muctar Akumalik, 73, is perplexed by weather changes around his home in Arctic Bay, Nunavut.

“I used to be able to predict the weather, but now I often get it wrong,” Akumalik said, through his translator.

My guess is these changes concern ‘non-traditionalists’ too (whoever they might be).

And I love the line about climate change impacting one’s inability to predict the weather.

(See also the website of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and particularly excerpts from their new book on Inuit perspectives on climate change.)

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