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Resource-Related Shorts

Two shorts of note today, both via Yahoo Protecting Knowledge Group.

1) The New York Times reports on the economic and environmental complexities of closing a The Black Mesa Mine in northeastern Arizona. The closure is presented first as a win for environmentalists and a loss for Native Americans workers but the article notes later that the impact of the closure is not so straightforward:

While many of the players are quick to point to villains – a heartless coal company, out-of-touch environmentalists, air-fouling utilities – the facts are more shaded and complex. The coal company has both exploited and enriched the reservations, the environmental groups are offering other sources of income for the tribes, and the utilities are seeking cleaner energy alternatives to the [nearby] coal-burning Mohave plant.

2) The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune reports on the revitalization of a walleye fishery that nearly disappeared ten years ago due to commercial overfishing. The article is neat because it describes how members of the Red Lake Ojibwe talk about the lake and its fish. The lake is called a ‘food store’ and in the moratorium against fishing over the past decade, the store was closed. Likewise, the fish are referred by one woman to as ‘our babies.’

The concerns raised by the Red Lake Ojibwe about non-native fishing and fishing techniques (to gill-net or not) are also of note.

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