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Cool Mapping Websites

For a while now I have been a fan of sites like mappr and flyr which allow you to integrate Google Maps with your Flickr photo collections. They offer me a chance to present students with elements of my fieldwork in cartographic form relatively easily. Still, a lot of work is required because, to be mapped by these websites, each picture in Flickr must be geocoded with the latitude and longitude of the place it was taken.

I have recently been put onto This site uses Google Maps imagery and cartography, but it allows you to add locations and travel routes directly to the Google basemaps, and to add photographs directly from Flickr or simply by uploading them from your computer. There is no software to download, geotags are not required, and no Firefox plugins or extensions are needed. And, in true Web2.0 form, you can track other people’s map creations and comment on them.

I have started a map of locations along a remote access road in northern British Columbia used by locals to drive to hunting grounds. I have added some pictures from Flickr and others directly from my computer. If you click on any of the orange ‘drops,’ details of the location will come up, including pictures. It is a work-in-progress and the number of points of interest will grow in coming weeks.


To try Flyr, follow the link about and then add ‘TFM’ in the user photo box and ‘railgrade’ in the tags box. Click on Google Maps and that will create a map of my photographs in the same area as the map above.

Click here for my pictures of New Mexico on mappr.

(Thanks Matthew.)

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