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The Image of Vancouver in the Olympic Closing Ceremonies

Vancouver radio is buzzing today with talk — mainly complaints — about the Vancouver Olympic Committee’s eight minute ‘show’ boosting Vancouver and Whistler in the closing ceremonies of the Torino Olympics. Like the initial questions about the appropriateness of an Inuit Inukshuk (and here) as the logo for the 2010 Olympics, talk radio hosts and callers note that, at best, the show in Torino only confirmed to the world that Canada is a land of ice and snow, with snowmobiles, and ice fishers. Some complain that there was almost no Vancouver-Whistler specific content. Sure, Vancouver-area First Nations people offered a few words at the beginning but the circus performers were actually from Montreal. Callers agree that it is Canada’s Olympics, but many are asking why the focus in the Torino show was not directly on the host cities.

I’m curious … what did you learn about Vancouver and Whistler from the show? (I am especially interested in the opinions of those who haven’t been here.) Please tell us about Vancouver.

And, for those familiar with Vancouver, what icons (stereotypes) of Vancouver-Whistler should have been presented?


Stories about the Vancouver contribution to the closing continue tonight on national and local newscasts.’s unscientific on-line poll asks: ” What did you think of Canada’s 8-minute presentation at the closing ceremonies of the Turin Olympics?”

As of 6:08pm (PST) the results were: 10.13% liked it; 80.06 didn’t like it; 9.81% didn’t see it.

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