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‘Save the Baby Veal’ and Canada’s Seal Hunt

Thanks to a student for pointing me towards a poster showing two Inuit students cuddling a baby cow under the banner of ‘Save the Baby Veal: Avoid Cultural Prejudice.’ Created by teacher Murray Angus, the poster plays off of the attention celebrities like Brigitte Bardot and Paul McCartney bring to Canada’s seal hunt. Many Inuit feel that the seal hunt, which takes place in the Maritimes a continent and ocean away from the arctic homes of the Inuit, hurts Inuit identity by indirectly linking their subistence practices to an internationally reviled seal cull.

Quoting Angus’s press release:

… all cultures have a relationship to animals and … people in southern urbanized settings should not look down their noses at people whose cultures and economies are still closely tied to the harvesting of animals in the wild …

Inuit don’t participate in the Newfoundland seal hunt or anything equivalent to it, but their communities across the Arctic have been severely affected whenever animal rights protesters have been successful at reducing the market for seal pelts generally …

The post is … meant to give southerners a little glimpse into what it might feel like to have their own culture and animal practices judged harshly by outsiders.

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