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Fort St. James, BC

Father Morice’s Church

Originally uploaded by TFM.

Fort St. James is the northern interior heart of BC logging country. Clearcuts are visible and accessible to travelers. Most dramatic, however, is the extent of the pine beetle infestation. This bug has turned wide swaths of BC’s northern forests red in colour, killing the trees as it does. I have posted a number of pictures of the logging industry and of bug killed trees on flickr.

Fort St. James is also celebrating its 200th birthday this year. The fort was established in 1806 by Simon Fraser and John Stuart. It still stands and is well-maintained by Parks Canada. I was particularly impressed with the warehouse. There, furs still hang above a well-stocked supply room.

Fort is also the centre of Father AG Morice’s former parish. Morice was an oblate missionary who learned Dakelh (Carrier), wrote extensively about Carrier culture, and developed the Carrier syllabary. I was very pleased to see his church, Our Lady of Good Hope, which stands magestically on the shore of Stuart Lake. I have posted historical photographs from Fort St. James in this flickr album.

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