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Another Blogging Anthropologist: Northern Canada, Canoeing Are Central Topics

Cultural anthropologist Ed Labenski has started blogging. Northern Waterways combines Ed’s passions for northern Canadian anthropology, aboriginal rights, resource development, and canoeing. Ed describes his blog this way:

This blog is a resource for people interested in northern culture and history … This blog brings together several of my interests: film, anthropology, canoeing, social and political issues in the North, sustainable development, and the technology of travel and video documentary work.

The blog is one component of a larger website devoted primarily to canoeing and river stewardship in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. The site has extensive listings of canoeing-related films (including downloads and in-site viewing) and several pages of links to everything from canoeing magazines to wilderness organizations to canoe route information.

Ed is a senior graduate student at the University of Chicago. He is also an old friend, back to Master of Arts study at the University of British Columbia in the early 1990s.

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