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More Anthropological E-Books for Download

SavageMinds has blogged recently about Google Books and the classics of anthropology that are available for download through Google Books. As I noted on a comment to one of the SavageMinds posts, it appears that Canadians can not download books from Google Books.

In my searching around for alternatives, I tried searching Microsoft’s Live Search Books for anthropological texts. While Microsoft Live Books’ search engine is not nearly as slick as Google’s search engine, dozens of anthropologically-relevant books, classics and otherwise are available for download there — and Canadians can use the service.

I just downloaded, for example:

A Sketch of the Social Organization of the Nass River Indians, by Edward Sapir (1915)
The Whaling Equipment of the Makah Indians, by TT Waterman (1920)
Anthropology in North America, by Franz Boas and many others (1915)

The complete scans of the books are available in the results window and you can navigate through the scanned pages easily if you prefer not to download the full text.

I suspect that the books available on Google are also available on MS LSB, but I can’t be sure.

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