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Geography Faux Pas in Federal Budget

Vancouver talk radio is buzzing with federal budget coverage. There is some concern about whether or not the transfers payments benefit British Columbia. But pundits on CKNW noted the geography faux pas in Jim Flaherty’s budget speech. Flaherty reminded Canadians that Canada extends from the Rocky Mountains to Newfoundland — cutting off most of British Columbia in the process. For sensitive British Columbians, this is just another example of how a government in central Canadian forgets the west coast.

For the record, Flaherty said:

… we take pride in the spectacular beauty of our country, and aspire to preserve it.

From the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the rugged shores of Newfoundland and Labrador, many of the most beautiful places on earth are in Canada.

How fortunate we are to call this vast, beautiful country our home. We must preserve and protect it.

Anyone who lives west of the Rockies knows, of course, that there are a number of other mountain ranges between the Rockies and the Pacific Ocean. If you are looking for Vancouver or Whistler you should look in the Coast Mountains. Otherwise, you may end up in Banff.

Update covers this story too — including a map for the geographically disinclined. For those (east of the Rockies) who do not believe this is news, check out the passionate comments that follow the blog post.

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