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San Francisco Coffee Culture

By now, this story on San Francisco coffee culture is ‘old news’ (March 11, 2007). But it is apropos of my recent link to another post on breakfast culture in Toronto. Besides, many of my students are researching coffeehouse behavior in Vancouver and wanted the link.

If you have not read this piece on the Bedouins of San Fran, it is worth looking at — the comments about rival coffee houses, surprising and normal behaviors, and suggestions for new jargon in the study of everyday life are fascinating. I enjoyed particularly the question of how much coffee you should buy if you are going to sit around all day and surf wirelessly at your favourite joint:

[One coffeehouse owner] tells of one woman who designs places with feng shui principles. “She comes in with all these humongous blueprints and a laptop, taking up four tables, then has the nerve to say, ‘Can you turn the music down?’ ” he said. “I feng shui’d her out of here.”

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