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Charter of Rights and Freedoms 25 Years Old

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms turns 25 years old on Tuesday. Doug Cuthland, an aboriginal writer from Saskatchewan, applauds the Charter’s protection of Aboriginal rights in an op-ed piece in the Regina Leader-Post:

… the charter has worked for us. [Because of the Charter and its protection of Aboriginal rights and treaties,] Aboriginal people have been especially successful in bringing forward cases that involve aboriginal and treaty rights. The Sparrow case protected our hunting rights, Delgamuukw defined aboriginal title and Corbiere extended our rights outside reserve boundaries.

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  1. grenwolde wrote:

    For more material on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms I encourage you and your readers to visit — an unbiased, plain language, and interactive look at the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It also contains relevant case law and precedents. The website is available in English, French, Chinese (traditional), German, and Italian with 6 more languages planned.

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