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From Seattle to the Aleutians by Foot, Raft, Skis

I am thoroughly enjoying reading about the journey Erin and Hig are making up the west coast of North America. Blogging regularly at Journey on the Wild Coast, Erin and Hig are calling attention to environmental issues facing Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. I am fascinated particularly by their observations of British Columbia (and Canada). Recent posts have detailed the ease of crossing the border, the difficulty of camping in urban southwestern BC, and being escorted out of the Capilano Watershed. The most recent post, ‘Canada Learning Curve‘ describes the differences between Canadian and American topographical maps and a provides sobering view of the industrial wilderness close to Vancouver.

I can’t wait to hear about their experiences on the Central Coast through Rivers Inlet and Bella Bella. I am also excited about their trip up the Alaska Panhandle past the outlet of the Stikine River. Those places are close to my heart and along their route.

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