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Decision Pending in Xeni Gwet’in Land Claim Case

The Globe and Mail reports today (alternate link) that the long-awaited decision in the Xeni Gwet’in (Chilcotin Region) Land Claim case is coming soon. The article notes that the decision may impact the BC Treaty Process, basking in the glow of recent successes:

While a broad acceptance of their claim would itself have minimal impact outside the sparsely populated region, the precedent could have huge implications for the vast majority of B.C. aboriginal bands that have yet to settle land claims.

The Tsawwassen and Maa-nulth are the first aboriginal governments to negotiate treaties in more than a decade and while those deals have been hailed as a much-needed success for the B.C. treaty process, there is increasingly vocal dissent from other aboriginal groups about the contents of the settlements.

Late last month, federal Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl and his provincial counterpart Mike de Jong met in a Vancouver hotel with representatives of the First Nations Leadership Council, which represents the major native groups in B.C.

The closed-door meeting was called in part to address concerns that the two treaties were settled without formal recognition of aboriginal rights and title, because neither B.C. nor Canada accept the terms in their negotiating mandates.

From “Coming verdict in B.C. land-claims case may spark more court action”

I last blogged about this case in June 2005.

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