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Ethnographic Project About UBC Golf Course Conflict

Charles Menzies (Forests & Oceans for the Future; UBC Anthropology Dept) posts his research proposal for an ethnographic investigation of the social construction of place at the UBC Golf Course. His focus is on how non-natives construct their attachment to the Golf Course and Pacific Spirit Park. The golf course is the site of a land use conflict and, as such, a place where native and non-native views of traditional lands and parks intersect.

Charles writes:

This is an ethnographic (anthropological) research project designed to examine the social construction of place amongst non-aboriginal residents of Point Grey -specifically users of the UBC Golf Course and Pacific Spirit Park. This project seeks to explore how non-aboriginal residents construct a sense of place and attachment to place. Key foci will be the use of language, metaphor, story in personal accounts of using places such as the golf course and the park.

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