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Indigenous News Aggregators: A Teaching Resource

Cross-posted at SACCommentary (Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges)

As a cultural anthropologist who teaches courses in the First Nations of British Columbia and the First Nations of Canada at Douglas College, I rely heavily on my RSS Feed Reader to collect for me current news items for my classes. I use both Bloglines and Google Reader to track everything from blogs to news stories containing keywords like ‘anthropology’.

Perhaps most valuable to me are the news aggregators coming from aboriginal news organizations in Canada and the United States. These sites distribute freely headlines and full news stories related to aboriginal people. The stories often end up in my classes. They provide me with a quick and easy way to track developments in specific communities. And they are not blog posts; most are links to news items in the print media. (More information below.)

Here, then, is a list of the news aggregators I use. I am hoping others might add the sites they use for following specific kinds of news in the comments. I would find it helpful to see what other people use for their classroom news items.

British Columbia

In-SHUCK-ch’s Space (
News headlines and links to stories related to aboriginal issues in BC. The In-SHUCK-ch are an aboriginal organization in the Fraser Valley of southwestern BC.

Indigenous Intellectual Property Rights
From the Union of BC Indian Chiefs; general news from aboriginal BC.


Nation Talk (
News from across Canada.

Native News North (
From the Union of BC Indian Chiefs; provides news from aboriginal BC and the Canadian north.


Indian Country Today
Publishes a number of RSS feeds and podcasts related to Native America including editorials, features, and lifeways articles. From their website: “Since 1981, Indian Country Today has been a persuasive voice in American Indian journalism, leading the way with accurate and timely reporting, incisive analysis and pointed commentary. Indian Country Today publishes more original journalistic content on American Indian issues than any other news source.”


Anthropology in the News (
General news from anthropology by the Department of Anthropology at Texas A&M. The site includes a list of other news sites and blogs for anthropology and archaeology.

National Geographic News (

Wren’s Nest News (
News related to religion, and discrimination on religious grounds generally, world-wide.


Most of these sites send out news stories several times per day. All of these sources publish RSS feeds so I receive the news in my news reader and do not have to visit the sites or receive the news in my email inbox. (For a useful summary of RSS and news feeds, watch this short video.)

You can survey my long list of blogs in all subfields of anthropology by browsing my public blogroll on Bloglines. Please click here. And, in a future post, I will share my materials for teaching with blogs and RSS feeds.

-Tad McIlwraith, Douglas College

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