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Labels for Years, Again

My question about the pronunciation of labels for years in this decade continues to produce discussion. Now, I have audio grist for the mill. The following audio clip is from CKNW Radio (980am) in Vancouver. This morning, financial analyst Michael Levy was discussing the collapse of asset-backed commercial paper investments in Canada. During the conversation with on-air host Michael Smyth, Levy referred to 2006 as ‘2-oh-6’, 2007 as ‘2-oh-7’, and 2009 as ‘2-oh-9.’ Listen for yourself:

This is not the everyday reference to this years that I use. I don’t hear it very often. What do you make of it?

Note: This clip ran between 11:14:26am and 11:15:54am. The clip has been edited. ‘2-oh-6’ appears at 22s, ‘2-oh-7′ at 23s, and 2-oh-9’ at 1:43.

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