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Metro Vancouver Challenging Musqueam Land Deal

The directors of Metro Vancouver are taking the province of British Columbia to court over the recent transfer of land to the Musqueam Nation (Coast Salish; Vancouver). Rationale:

“Metro Vancouver fully supports provincial efforts to achieve reconciliation with the Musqueam people and other First Nations communities,” said Board Chair Lois Jackson. “This legislation, however, sets a precedent for the expropriation of municipal and regional assets and is contrary to previous commitments made by the province that municipal and regional parklands would not be used to resolve Aboriginal claims;” [emphasis added].

The irony here is that in in 2002, the BC Liberal Government (current ruling party and leader) fulfilled a campaign promise by holding a province-wide referendum on the principles which should guide the settlement of treaties with First Nations. Question number 1: “Private property should not be expropriated for treaty settlements, yes or no?”

(Note: To see the 2002 ballot, click here; it includes eight questions and represents a significant piece of ephemera in the history of aboriginal rights in BC. And, yes, the confusing nature of question one has been noted as part one of the reasons why this referendum was a farce.)


Metro Vancouver to challenge B.C. legislation giving land to native band (Canadian Press)

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