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Where in BC?

Northern BC ca. 1942

Originally uploaded by TFM

Update: This photograph was taken in Woodcock, British Columbia. Woodcock is a stop on the CNR line just west of Kitwanga. There was a telegraph relay station there and it seems reasonable that my grandfather was there because of the telegraph.

I have posted several pictures of Woodcock on Flickr. Also, click here for a before and after shot of Woodcock — the farmhouse in the archival picture hasn’t changed and the ridge line is exactly the same.

Original Post: I recently came into possession of some photographs taken in 1942 by my grandfather. Many, including this one, are from northern BC. Can anyone identify this place? It is likely along the railroad between Prince George and Prince Rupert. Several of the other pictures I received were taken in and around Kitwanga.

To see a larger version of the picture, click on it. Or, for a very large version, click here.

Thanks for the help.

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