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Shell Postponed Drilling Because of Local Requests

Shell spokesperson Larry Lalonde says today in the Globe and Mail that Shell suspended its exploration of the Klappan region for coal-bed methane because of requests from the Tahltan people. The pressure of protests and other requests for consultation seems to paid off. From the paper:

“We voluntarily decided to take a pause from our drilling plans this year,” Shell spokesman Larry Lalonde said yesterday, adding that the decision was made in early August at the request of Indian bands in the region.

Both the Tahltan Central Council, which represents the Tahltan and Iskut Indian bands, and the Tahltan Indian Band recently named new leaders who asked Shell to provide more information about the company’s plans, Mr. Lalonde said.

“In order to have that dialogue, it’s easier to do that if we take a pause,” he said.

The article finishes by suggesting that the resource value of the Klappan is small potatoes compared to Shell’s other interests, particularly in northeastern British Columbia.

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