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GPS Tools

On the heels of my less-than-well-researched post about a free topographical map site — Ed pointed out how to get scanned versions of Canadian National Topographic Series (NTS) maps in the comments — let me point you to a terrific site for uploading GPS tracks and logs and plotting those tracks against all sorts of background maps.

GPS Visualizer allows you to plot your GPS files against Google Maps and Google Earth as well as Canadian and American topographical maps. Lots of other formats are possible too. The maps you produce can be saved and downloaded. The site is very easy to use.

(I bought a hand-held GPS unit for an applied research project this summer. It has now become an invaluable tool in my professional and recreational life. I use it to plot campsites and travel routes in northern BC as well as running and hiking trails in North Vancouver. Can’t believe I went this long without one!)

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