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More On Savagery, Anthropology and Dick Pound

And Even More News:

Indigenous cultures rivalled those of civilizations around the globe (Globe and Mail)
Call off the ignoble savaging of Margaret Wente and Dick Pound (National Post)
(Includes links to a facebook group against Wente; makes the observation that savages might be noble while forgetting that the term savage does not always refer to some sort of nobility.)
One clumsy analogy that gave unintended offence, promptly apologized for, does not merit a resignation (Vancouver Sun)

Original Post:

The recent flap over Dick Pound’s comments about Canada being a land of savages prior to colonialism still has legs. Iain Hunter writes in the Victoria Times Colonist of the awkwardness of Pound’s comments in the current contexts of aboriginal reconciliation and apologies for residential schooling. He continues, citing at length Charles C. Mann’s well-known Atlantic Monthly article 1491. In that article, Mann offers lots of evidence that aboriginal peoples had sophisticated cultures.


Two sides to a story (Letter to the Editor in the Globe and Mail)
After the apology, time to move on (Gary Mason in Globe & Mail)

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