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“A Proposal for Taiaiake Alfred: Stop Believing and Start Thinking”

Albert Howard and Frances Widdowson offer a lengthy critique of Taiaiake Alfred’s review of their book Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry. The critique is embedded in the comments section of a previous post here on Fieldnotes. The first paragraph reads as follows:

Taiaiake Alfred has a right to his opinion about our book, and we would have expected his predictable response to be taken according to the readers’ view of an irrational, undisciplined, condescended-to indigenous academic. However, the many incorrect claims and accusations he makes as to the content of our book, combined with references we’ve read elsewhere, indicates that he had some help in reading it – and perhaps some assistance with his review: We perceive the presence of a certain postmodern traditional knowledge consultant, and neo-left critic of our work. It appears that neither he nor his puppeteer actually read the book but cherry-picked through it for cheap-shot opportunities. It is the clear, factual misrepresentations that we wish to correct, allowing readers to assess the general rigour of Alfred’s “criticism”.

The rest of comment can be found here.

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