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Widdowson and Howard Excerpt in Toronto Star

Celebrating the Donner prize nominees, the Toronto Star has published a short excerpt (maybe a series of consolidations?) of Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry by Widdowson and Howard.

(I have discussed this book on the blog before. Albert Howard weighed in.)

Phil Fontaine responds

The Donner Prize is supposed to reward “excellence and innovation in Canadian public policy writing.” Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry is neither excellent nor innovative. It is a diatribe cloaked in a thin veil of “research.”

(In both articles, as is usually the case, the comments reveal all sorts of perspectives on aboriginal issues.)


Beliefs and rituals of Aboriginal peoples are not merely “atavistic cultural” survivals that are holding them back, as book’s authors claim

Book recycles paternalistic native stereotypes (TorStar)

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