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Sea-to-sky Cultural Tour: Audio Edition

As you know, I am a huge fan of the new Skwxwū7mesh (Squamish) and/or Liĺwat7ul (Lilwat) Cultural Tour up the Sea-to-sky Highway. I’ve blogged previously about the tour and the Skwxwū7mesh Liĺwat7ul Cultural Centre in Whistler.

I now see on the SLCC website an audio accompaniment to the drive up the highway. The downloadable zip file contains 24 mp3 files. Each file includes information about the region, local knowledge narratives, songs, and stories related to the seven kiosks found along the Sea-to-sky Route. Comments about the landmarks between the kiosks and general facts about traveling the route, like distances, are also included. The files are narrated by youth ambassadors from the Cultural Centre. I’ve listened to only a few of the files so far, but my immediate sense is that these recordings will enhance greatly the highway tour and its map.

Here’s the audio tour page.

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