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Laptops and Google No Problem During Lectures

For all my angst back in April about inappropriate laptop use in the classroom and unexpected challenges to my lecture notes from Google, this term has been free of any laptop or internet-related issues. Apparently one semester of high laptop use is not a trend. I’m not sure why computer use has been so limited […]

More Thoughts on Laptops in the Classroom

My recent post on laptop and internet use in the classroom received some attention. And, the conversation continues around the halls at school with students and other faculty. I am leaning towards folding laptop use into the existing policies on classroom disruption. Like typing on typewriters, hammering on stone tablets, passing notes, doodling, and answering […]

On ‘Paying Attention’ in the Classroom

I’ve taken some shots for making public my personal evolution on the use of the internet (and laptops) during lectures. Now, Inside Higher Ed has an article on the University of Chicago Law School’s banning of the internet in its classes. Reactions are mixed, to say the least. Sphere: Related Content

Profs, Students and the ‘Smarty Pants’ Problem

The Globe and Mail opines on the challenges of internet-enabled classrooms (internet-enabled students?). Their take is apropos of my recent concerns about googling during lectures. Gist: As Leslie Chan delivered a lecture about the history of the United Nations to his students at the University of Toronto earlier this year, some pupils took notes on […]

Googling During Lectures

I had more students with laptops in my classrooms this semester than ever before. Apparently, according to some students and faculty, many students are being ‘taught’ in high school to take notes on computers. They have not developed handwritten note taking skills. Thus, laptops are now an essential tool. Student lore is also full of […]

15 Minutes at a Breakfast Joint

Technology blogger Rob Hyndman gives us his fifteen minute observation of a Toronto-area breakfast spot. My students should take note.