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Tahltan Language Annotated Bibliography

John Alderete (SFU Linguistics) and I have published an annotated bibliography of Tahltan language materials in the open access Northwest Journal of Linguistics. Abstract: This bibliography lists and summarizes materials on the Tahltan language, including linguistic and anthropological research papers, dictionaries, collections of stories, and teaching materials. We hope that the bibliography will give language […]

Douglas College Aboriginal Reconciliation Videos Online

The videos of aboriginal reconciliation lectures at Douglas College this past winter are now available online. The purpose of the series of speakers was to shed light upon the topic of reconciliation between the Aboriginal people of British Columbia and the province’s other citizens. An opening panel included remarks by The Honourable Steven L. Point, […]

Teaching Strategies: Nacirema and Natural Selection

As the winter semester gets going, I wanted to note a couple of useful teaching-related articles in recent AAA publications. 1) William Guinee writes “A Strategy for Teaching Horace Miner’s ‘Nacirema’” in the Fall 2007 issue of Teaching Anthropology, SACC Notes (Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges) (not yet available online). Guinee’s strategy calls for […]

Profs, Students and the ‘Smarty Pants’ Problem

The Globe and Mail opines on the challenges of internet-enabled classrooms (internet-enabled students?). Their take is apropos of my recent concerns about googling during lectures. Gist: As Leslie Chan delivered a lecture about the history of the United Nations to his students at the University of Toronto earlier this year, some pupils took notes on […]

Another E-Research Resource — Free Downloads of Text, Music, Video

I’ve just stumbled across With institutional support from the Library of Congress and the National Science Foundation, among others, this site offers material in text, audio, and video formats. Software and other digital items, like lectures and educational material, are also available. Copyright appears to be respected. Anthropological items are available; most are post-copyright. […]

The Challenge of Wikis in the Classroom

I learned today, via the Mail and Guardian Online, about a Wiki designed by the Conservative and Religious Right in the US. Called Conservapedia, this wiki gives me a terrific counterpoint to Wikipedia in my classroom struggles to point out that wikis, like any source of information, have biases. Conservapedia was setup to refute directly […]

More Anthropological E-Books for Download

SavageMinds has blogged recently about Google Books and the classics of anthropology that are available for download through Google Books. As I noted on a comment to one of the SavageMinds posts, it appears that Canadians can not download books from Google Books. In my searching around for alternatives, I tried searching Microsoft’s Live Search […]

UN Conference on Treaties Held in Alberta

Update Post-conference News (via Canoe Network) Original Post The United Nations’s ‘Expert Seminar on Treaties’ is being held this week in Hobbema, Alberta, the home of the Samson Cree First Nation. The agenda and several documents and presentations from aboriginal and government participants are available on this website hosted by the UN Office of the […]

New Book by Robin and Jillian Ridington

A new book has been written by Robin Ridington and Jillian Ridington about their fieldwork among the Dunne-za Athapaskans of northeastern British Columbia. Titled ‘When you Sing It Now, Just Like New: First Nations Poetics, Voices, and Representations, the book is something of a career retrospective. It complements Robin Ridington’s earlier monographs, Trail to Heaven […]

Is History in Wikipedia Any Good?

The Center for History and New Media has made available a June 2006 article titled “Can History be Open Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past” (full citation below). In it, author Roy Rosenzweig asks if the historical writing in Wikipedia is any good. He continues, wondering what are the implications of Wikipedia for […]