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Are Ethnographies Novels?

One of my class assignments is to ask students to provide a short review of chapters in the ethnographies they read. Students are to include the following in the reviews: 1) a concise summary of the chapter; 2) a point or two noting the relevance of the chapter to the course and/or anthropology in general; […]

Why Computers Can’t Kill Post-Its

From there are an estimated several hundred ethnographers in the country looking at the specific ways that workers handle “personal information,” like calendars and contact information.

John Hawks Reviews 10,000BC

Sure, his review* of 10,000BC is making the rounds … but it is utterly fantastic. Update: The Globe and Mail says this about the film: The story is set among an improbable mountainous tribe of Caucasian/Rastafarian/native North American mammoth hunters, who resemble nightclubbing Calvin Klein models who speak in slightly accented formal English. So formal […]

Teaching Strategies: Nacirema and Natural Selection

As the winter semester gets going, I wanted to note a couple of useful teaching-related articles in recent AAA publications. 1) William Guinee writes “A Strategy for Teaching Horace Miner’s ‘Nacirema’” in the Fall 2007 issue of Teaching Anthropology, SACC Notes (Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges) (not yet available online). Guinee’s strategy calls for […]


The new Bud Light commercial has me thinking again about Scott Kiesling’s dude research. Dude, the commercial is too funny!

Endangered Languages on the Colbert Report

I couldn’t agree more with David Harrison that watching Stephen Colbert ‘cover’ endangered languages was a lot of fun (see comments). And, I will be using the clip of Colbert’s discussion with Harrison in my Intro to Cultural Anthropology class lecture on Language. (Those on a computer in Canada will find the clip here.) (Also […]

Rules, not laws, Govern Line Ups

My Intro to Cultural Anthropology students should take note of this article from It outlines cultural differences for queuing up, comparing specifically Great Britain and the United States. Sphere: Related Content

San Francisco Coffee Culture

By now, this story on San Francisco coffee culture is ‘old news’ (March 11, 2007). But it is apropos of my recent link to another post on breakfast culture in Toronto. Besides, many of my students are researching coffeehouse behavior in Vancouver and wanted the link. If you have not read this piece on the […]

15 Minutes at a Breakfast Joint

Technology blogger Rob Hyndman gives us his fifteen minute observation of a Toronto-area breakfast spot. My students should take note.

Canadian Public Policy and Aboriginal Addictions in the Toronto Star

Another special newspaper series: The Toronto Star is running a multi-story feature on aboriginal addictions in Canada. Articles on fetal alcohol syndrome, substance abuse among the Innu, suicide, and alcohol addiction are covered. Sphere: Related Content