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Maa-Nulth Treaty (Vancouver Island) Implemented

The First Nations comprising the Maa-Nulth Treaty Group implemented their treaty with BC and Canada. It is the second BC Treaty Process Treaty to be implemented after the Tsawwassen Treaty in 2009. Here’s a round-up of the news: New, April 9, 2011: Treaty opens up a world of opportunity for First Nation (Victoria Times Colonist) […]

‘Cry Rock’: An Indigenous Perspective on Storytelling

Dear Douglas College Librarians: I saw a wonderful film at the Vancouver International Film Festival tonight. The film is called Cry Rock and it was written, produced, and directed by Nuxalk (Coast Salish; BC Central Coast) filmmaker Banchi Hanuse. It is a story of storytelling, as Ms. Hanuse wonders if she should record for posterity […]

I’m Looking for Suggestions for BC Ethnographies

It’s that time early in the semester when I am required to submit my book requests for next semester. I will be teaching a first year course called British Columbia Native Cultures during the Winter of 2011. For years, I have required that students read Hugh Brody’s Maps and Dreams: Indians and the British Columbia […]