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Injunction Against Shell in Klappan

Word today from the Klabona Keepers announcing that a temporary injunction has been issued in BC Supreme Court against Shell. This prevents Shell from rebuilding the road into the Klappan where they wish to continue exploring for coal bed methane. Notably, the injunction was issued on the assertion that BC’s Heritage Conservation Act — which […]

Inuvialuktun Language to get ‘Update’

The reports on a meeting of Inuvialuit elders and teachers in Inuvik, Northwest Territories (western Canadian arctic) to update the Inuvialuktun language. The article suggests concern for the state of the language because “has not had a major update in more than 20 years, and speakers say it needs to keep up with the […]

Revamping the BC Heritage Act

BC MLAs and others are trying to revise the BC Heritage Act. The Act protects archaeological sites in the province. Of note, Hupacasath (Port Alberni) Chief Judith Sayers and member of the group working on revisions notes some of the problems with the Act as it exists now: “What’s really broken [in the Act] is […]

Management Plan for Development on Marpole Midden

The Vancouver Sun reports that the Musqueam First Nation (Coast Salish; Vancouver) and the BC Provincial Government are negotiating a plan to protect the Marpole Midden from damage by future development (alternate link). While the negotiations provide another example of the changing relationship between First Nations and the BC Government, Randy Shore’s article is much […]

‘Drive around archaeological sites’ the 5 of Clubs Reminds Troops reports that forces fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are being issued decks of ‘archaeology cards.’ The cards are part of a program to make troops aware of the heritage resources of both countries. You might remember that the last set of cards issued to troops were covered with the images of the war’s most […]

Stanley Park History and Archaeology

The Vancouver Sun has printed an extensive aboriginal and archaeological history of Stanley Park. The article comes on the heals of the Sun’s coverage of how winter storms may have damaged archaeological sites in the park. (Alternate link.) Update UBC Professor Bruce Miller asks the Sun to correct a misquoting of his interview: Coast Salish […]

Labels for Years, Redux

My July 28, 2005 post on the question of how to pronounce labels for years in English has generated several new comments in the past week. Readers are weighing in with new data, new observations, about how to pronounce 2010. Is it: – ‘two thousand and ten’ – ‘twenty ten’ – ‘two ten’? Commenters note […]

Evolution, Primates, and Religion

From comes an interview with anthropologist Barbara King. The topic is the origins of religion and interview is prompted by King’s new book, “Evolving God: A Provocative View on the Origins of Religion.” King observes that non-human primates show empathy and meaning-making in their social actions. She draws conclusions about religion by analogy, suggesting […]

Destructive Archaeology Needed to Save Sacred Site

Update Truce Declared (from the Victoria Times Colonist) More conflicts over native sites are inevitable (Vancouver Sun) Original Post Steven Hume writes today in the Vancouver Sun about the destruction of a cave near Victoria, BC. The cave is considered a sacred site by the Tsartlip and Songhees First Nations (Coast Salish) and it has […]

Special Edition of Scientific American

I’m always on the lookout for useful teaching materials for my first and second year courses. To that end, I am now working my way through the current Special Edition of Scientific American. Titled “Becoming Human: Evolution and the Rise of Intelligence,” the issue is devoted to recent research in biological anthropology. There are articles […]