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Splatsin First Nation – Douglas College Field School

My students and I will be blogging about our field school experiences at the Field School Blog between May 1 and June 23, 2011. Follow us on Twitter too (#dcfieldschool). Sphere: Related Content

Tahltan Declaration is 100 Years Old

The Tahltan people of northwestern British Columbia are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Tahltan Tribe. The Declaration was signed on October 18, 1910. It asserts Tahltan sovereignty over traditional lands. The Declaration calls for the settling of treaties, adequate compensation for relinquishing title, and a formalizing of relations between Tahltans and […]

Are Ethnographies Novels?

One of my class assignments is to ask students to provide a short review of chapters in the ethnographies they read. Students are to include the following in the reviews: 1) a concise summary of the chapter; 2) a point or two noting the relevance of the chapter to the course and/or anthropology in general; […]

Canadian Ethnographies About Non-indigenous People?

My request for help finding an ethnography to teach in a First Nations of British Columbia anthropology class has generated more than a dozen comments on the blog, via email and through facebook. Since I wasn’t entirely clear that I was looking for an ethnography of an indigenous group or community — but the list […]

I’m Looking for Suggestions for BC Ethnographies

It’s that time early in the semester when I am required to submit my book requests for next semester. I will be teaching a first year course called British Columbia Native Cultures during the Winter of 2011. For years, I have required that students read Hugh Brody’s Maps and Dreams: Indians and the British Columbia […]

‘The Linguists’ Tonight, Next Month on Local PBS

With apologies for the late notice, The Linguists is showing tonight at 8:30p on Detroit PBS (channel 43 on Shaw in Greater Vancouver). The film is also showing at 12:00p on Seattle PBS (channel 27 on Shaw in Greater Vancouver) on April 10. From the Vanity Fair review (posted on the website): The Linguists […]

Accusing the Capitalist Witch

We’ve been discussing witchcraft in the Anthropology of Religion this week. The idea that accusing someone of witchcraft may be a way of enforcing norms against wealth accumulation or self-aggrandizement came up several times in our classroom conversations. Is anyone out there (in anthropology, in the mainstream press) considering that the outrage against AIG executives […]

Facebook, Seniors, and Watching Our Own Behavior

Is there anything actually surprising about the observation that our behavior on Facebook changes depending on who we perceive to be watching? Isn’t this true in any social situation? Sphere: Related Content

BC Moves towards Aboriginal Rights Legislation

My Anthropology of British Columbia students discussed yesterday the proposal of the BC government to legislate aboriginal rights (and title?) into existence. Their responses to the items summarized in news articles listed below were careful and insightful. We tried to consider, for example, what the government has to gain and lose. We tried to consider […]

Observations from the Podium: Classroom Notes Winter 2009

Update: picked up on my grand theories v. local particularities question and the comments received there are helpful. With the comments here, (and others on SACC-L) I think I have some new material for reworking lecture notes on emic/etic distinctions. Thanks to all. Original Post: This semester, my students in introductory cultural anthropology and […]