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Category Archives: Climate Change

Film ‘Local Hero’ (1983) Resonates with the Land and Resource Disputes of Today

I saw an incredible film called Local Hero during a trip away from home in August. It is the story of a man from a Texas oil company sent to Scotland to buy up all of the property on an ocean bay for the construction of an oil refinery. It is presumed by the company […]

Science and TEK Clash Over Polar Bears

The Associated Press offers up another article about science and traditional knowledge. In this case, Inuit traditional knowledge says that polar bears are not in decline in the Canadian arctic. Science says they are. From the article: While scientists warned vanishing sea ice and over-hunting means two-thirds of the iconic predators could be gone within […]

Inuit Traditional Knowledge is Obsolete

With climate change drawing attention to traditional and indigenous knowledge around the world, the Inuit are finding that some of that attention is less-than-positive. A research trip called Global Warming 101 has been traveling across the Arctic from Iqaluit to Igloolik. Four Inuit are part of the eight-person team. One conclusion from the trip, according […]

Mountain Pine Beetle in Walrus Magazine

Patrick White writes about the effect of the pine beetle on the British Columbia economy in the April issue of Walrus Magazine (subscription required). Titled ‘Red Rush,’ much of the article describes life in logging towns like Vanderhoof, British Columbia. White’s prose is terrific. He portrays the impact of ‘bug kill’ on logging families and […]

The Changing Methods of Caribou Hunting

A fascinating story about changing caribou hunting techniques appeared in Canoe News’s science section. The article suggests that aboriginal hunting generally — and changing views of animals and high powered rifles specifically — is contributing to significant declines in caribou numbers in the Northwest Territories. Aboriginal hunting may be affecting the numbers more than industrial […]

Another Climate Change, Culture Change Story (An expensive one to boot …)

Doug Struck at the Washington Post writes another story this week about climate and culture change in the Canadian arctic. (Previous story here about a new arctic park; my blog post here.) Struck’s current story describes the decreasing feasibility of sustenance hunting. Peter Taptuna, the manager of the local hunting association, is quoted. His impressions […]

The Pine Beetle Crisis and Changing Fire Management Strategies in BC History

Terry Glavin’s piece in yesterday’s Globe And Mail describes the impact of the pine beetle infestation and its dramatic effects on native cultures in British Columbia. This is an under-reported aspect of the pine beetle story … it is a natural disaster story where the pine beetle’s effect on the provincial economy usually makes the […]

Different Emphasis in Inuit Climate Change Story

There has been a string of climate change stories recently, particularly in light of the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference. I enjoyed particularly this story from ‘Changing climate has more Inuit shopping for food.’ The emphasis here is less about the impact of climate change on hunting and, instead, on the repurcussions of […]

More on Arctic Climate Change

News stories about arctic climate change, with an Inuit focus, continue to circulate. Another from the Vancouver Sun coming out of the United Nations World Climate Change Conference. Of note: “If anyone knows about climate change, it’s people who live their lives outside,” said [the president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, an organization representing the Inuit]. […]

Head Notes: Another Climate Change/Traditional Knowledge Story

From the Hartford Courant (via Yahoo Protecting Knowledge Group) comes another story about climate change in the north. This time, the story is set in Alaska and discusses at length the impact of climate change on salmon runs on the Yukon River. Warmer river temperatures lead to an increase in salmon-attacking parasites which, in turn, […]