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Double Ended, No Headed Moose and More from Congress

I had a great time at Congress10 in Montreal last week. More properly, I attended the meetings of the Canadian Anthropology Association (CASCA) which happened to be meeting with Congress. As previously noted, I was part of a round-table discussion of applied anthropology. Our panel discussed the following, pre-distributed questions: 1) What questions are being […]

Canadian Anthropology Meetings (CASCA)

I’ll be attending the Canadian Anthropology Society meetings (CASCA) next week. I am part of a round-table discussion on practicing (applied) anthropology. From the session abstract: This roundtable is aimed at sparking a dialogue with/between anthropologists who are practising largely outside academia or within academia but within a largely applied context … The roundtable will […]

CASCA / AES Conference Starts Tomorrow at UBC

I’ll be around the CASCA conference at UBC this week. I hope to see you there. BTW: If you are on twitter, please mark your Casca tweets with the hashtag #CASCA. Sphere: Related Content

Douglas College Aboriginal Reconciliation Videos Online

The videos of aboriginal reconciliation lectures at Douglas College this past winter are now available online. The purpose of the series of speakers was to shed light upon the topic of reconciliation between the Aboriginal people of British Columbia and the province’s other citizens. An opening panel included remarks by The Honourable Steven L. Point, […]

Aboriginal Speakers Series at Douglas College

Douglas College is hosting a series of speakers on topics related to aboriginal experiences living in a settler society. The overarching theme is reconciliation. The website for the series provides some detail and context: Reconciliation is about recognizing the terrible injustices that have been inflicted on Aboriginal people in the past … Reconciliation is about […]

Eulachon Conference and Crisis Hits Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun notes the upcoming Eulachon conference in Bella Coola. From the article: Federal Fisheries and Oceans attributes the disappearance to climate change, but [Ray Morton, a Nuxalk community member] points to “unprecedented levels” of shrimp trawling in the 1990s that resulted in a huge bycatch, that included thousands of oolichan. Amazingly: Children in […]

A Gathering for the Eulachon

The Nuxalk Nation (Bella Coola, BC) in association with the Wuixiniwx and Kitasoo-Xai’Xais Nations (BC Central Coast Region) announce a feast and conference to confront the problem of disappearing eulachon from local rivers. The event is scheduled on June 11 and 12 in Bella Coola. From the backgrounder: The cultural treasure, the eulachon vanished from […]

CASCA / AES Conference in Toronto

I will be at the Canadian Anthropology Association (CASCA) and American Ethnological Society (AES) meetings in Toronto next week. I am presenting a paper in a symposium called ‘Anthropology’s Colonial Impasse: Engaging Indigenous Peoples, the Discipline, & the State Apparatus.’ My paper abstract is below. The conference is at the University of Toronto — my […]

Ethnohistory Conference Is Over

The Santa Fe Ethnohistory meetings are over. The meetings were terrific … engaging conversation, neat papers, and good after-hours libations. Vine Deloria’s passing encouraged some to add impromptu memories or personal and scholarly connections to him and his work to their papers. Next year the meetings are in Williamsburg, VA … dates TBA. Sphere: Related […]

Ethnohistory Conference

I am off to Santa Fe, NM to attend the American Society for Ethnohistory conference. Not only is this a fun conference, in part because of its small size, it will be terrific to be back in New Mexico and to check in with my professors at UNM. I have linked to the conference program […]