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Category Archives: Ethnography

Corporate Ethnography

I follow the use of ethnographic methods outside of anthropology with some interest, although without much real understanding of how its non-anthropological purveyors use it. Now, Grant McCracken at ‘This Blog Sits At …’ offers a lengthy and informative summary of the problems of corporate ethnography. The jist: … some clients are now treating ethnography […]

Insiders and Outsiders in Ethnography

As I gear up to teach another section of Introduction to Cultural Anthropology this summer, I am pleased to direct my students to the discussion at MindSpace about insider-outsider dilemmas in ethnographic research. It’s good fodder for the first few classes and discussions about what anthropologists do. I appreciate particularly the post’s concluding thought: And […]

Ethnography in Other Academic Pursuits

I was lurking and then participating in a comment-area discussion on Rashmi Sinha’s blog this week. Dr. Sinha blogs about about technology and cognition (she has a background in cognitive psychology) and maintains a fantastic website with course outlines and teaching materials related to qualitative methods (among other things). The post that caught my eye […]

More About Samuels’s Country Music Ethnography

Daniel Oppenheimer has written a useful and interesting article on David Samuels’s recent ethnography Putting a Song on Top of It: Expression and Identity on the San Carlos Apache Reservation for the Valley Advocate, a news and arts weekly published in Easthampton, MA. The article is extensive, reviewing the book and, perhaps of greater interest […]

More Corporate Anthropology – Coca-cola and McDonald’s

There’s a neat story over at This Blog Sits at the Intersection of Anthropology and Economics describing an attempt to learn why McDonald’s drive through customers buy smaller sized Cokes than when they order at the counter. The post is amusing for its descriptions of the trials of doing ethnographic research while walking up and […]

Another News Story About Anthros in the Corporate World

In a growing list of news stories about anthropologists working outside of academia (here, for example), recently published a story about an anthropologist, trained in the ethnography of Native America, working for Intel. Her project is described this way: The first task was to convince Intel that technology is used in dramatically different ways […]

More Country Music Ethnography (And It’s On the Web …)

I finally got my hands on a copy of Aaron A. Fox’s Real Country: Music and Language in Working Class Culture (or here) – man, it is a fantastic ethnography! As I work my way through it, what has struck me is the incredible number of transcripts and quotations from informants – this is a […]

Country Music in Native America

I am currently reading Putting a Song on Top of It: Expression and Identity on the San Carlos Apache Reservation (Arizona, 2004) by David Samuels, and thoroughly enjoying it. It is terrific ethnography … part linguistic anthropology and part ethnomusicology … describing the role of popular music and bands (mainly old country music) for Apache […]