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Category Archives: Ethnohistory

Tahltan Declaration is 100 Years Old

The Tahltan people of northwestern British Columbia are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Tahltan Tribe. The Declaration was signed on October 18, 1910. It asserts Tahltan sovereignty over traditional lands. The Declaration calls for the settling of treaties, adequate compensation for relinquishing title, and a formalizing of relations between Tahltans and […]

“Extinct” First Nation Files Land Claim: Readers Respond

I tend to associate the issues surrounding unacknowledged tribes with the United States, but the Sinixt of British Columbia’s Kootenay region are making news here as an aboriginal group without legal standing. The Sinixt have filed a land claim with Canada and British Columbia ( The history of their disenfranchisement is detailed in As […]

Lengthy Elaboration on Stanley Park History

Victor Guerin, Coordinator of the Musqueam Language and Culture Programme, has written a lengthy rebuttal and reply to the March 17, 2007 Vancouver Sun article about the archaeology of Stanley Park. His statement is copied into the comments section of my post on that article. I acknowledge it here because I fear it would be […]

Biography of Frank Calder

The Protecting Knowledge Discussion Group has reproduced an informative biography/retrospective of Frank Calder’s life. Originally published in the Victoria Times-Colonist, the article discusses Calder’s role in the Nisga’a Treaty and in advocating for aboriginal rights in BC more generally. Sphere: Related Content

Chilcotin War Article from UVic Historian

Professor John Lutz of the University of Victoria Department of History has published a neat piece on the Chilcotin war in the Winter 2005 issue of British Columbia Magazine (excerpt here). Titled ‘The War That Nobody Won,’ Prof. Lutz’s article is the story of soldier John Brough and the diary he kept on his travels […]

Canadian Aboriginal History Blog and Website

I recently stumbled across a neat website and blog devoted to Aboriginal History in Canada. Called Canadian Aboriginal History News, the site is a collection of blog posts and other interesting links related to the history of aboriginal peoples across Canada. And, it features numerous rss feeds for all of the posts or for specific […]

Alaska Climate Change and Oral Tradition

The BBC Science Web Page has an interesting story about climate change in Alaska. Of note are the words of native elders and the comparisons made between scientific knowledge and local knowledge of climate change. In a common refrain, a native whaler says: … Western nations need to have scientific proof that the climate is […]

Beothuk Research and Possible Film

In a timely follow-up to class discussions over the past weeks, The Toronto Star has run a piece about the extinction / extermination of the Beothuks of Newfoundland during the eighteen and early nineteenth centuries. The article describes an upcoming film production about the Beothuks using forensic anthropology and ethnohistory: [The] supposed mystery of the […]