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Talking Anthropology With Grade 1s

I’m back from talking with my son’s grade one class about what a cultural anthropologist is and what a cultural anthropologist does. My invitation to speak to the class came as part of a classroom unit on jobs and the tools people use to do their jobs. As many of you helped me think through […]

Film ‘Local Hero’ (1983) Resonates with the Land and Resource Disputes of Today

I saw an incredible film called Local Hero during a trip away from home in August. It is the story of a man from a Texas oil company sent to Scotland to buy up all of the property on an ocean bay for the construction of an oil refinery. It is presumed by the company […]

Renewing FieldNotes

Right: Klappan Mountain, northwestern, BC (Aug 2009) After a year away from blogging, I am ready to start again. I want to continue blogging about aboriginal rights and issues in British Columbia. But, I also want to blog about two specific topics: 1) I am starting research and writing related to the reader comments on […]

‘Finding Our Talk’ Season 3 on APTN

Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network (APTN) will begin airing Finding Our Talk Season 3 on April 1, 2009. From the release: Finding Our Talk 3 is a continuing documentary series of 13 half hour episodes produced by Mushkeg Media Inc. that looks at the state of Aboriginal languages both within Canada and the boarder indigenous world. […]

Accusing the Capitalist Witch

We’ve been discussing witchcraft in the Anthropology of Religion this week. The idea that accusing someone of witchcraft may be a way of enforcing norms against wealth accumulation or self-aggrandizement came up several times in our classroom conversations. Is anyone out there (in anthropology, in the mainstream press) considering that the outrage against AIG executives […]

Why Computers Can’t Kill Post-Its

From there are an estimated several hundred ethnographers in the country looking at the specific ways that workers handle “personal information,” like calendars and contact information.

Gull Eating Salmon

Gull Eating Salmon Originally uploaded by TFM I enjoy fall in Vancouver largely because of the opportunities to see wildlife. Salmon run and spawn in several area rivers in October and November. Hoy Creek, next to Douglas College in Coquitlam, has a run of chum and coho salmon peaking in October. Hyde Creek, also in […]

Truth, Reconciliation, and Residential Schools

Prime Minister Harper will read Canada’s apology for residential schooling in the House of Commons tomorrow. The CBC has a number of features associated with Harper’s speech. The National (CBC TV) is broadcasting special productions as part of its nightly newscasts this week. And, the has an extensive online historical package on its website. […]

My Wireless Lifestyle

Advertizements for retailer Digital Communications on the Team 1040 radio in Vancouver say their cellphones and other wireless products are perfect for my ‘wireless lifestyle.’ What is a wireless lifestyle? If I have wireless internet in my house and a cell phone, do I live a wireless lifestyle? Ethnographers, please … weigh in … Further […]

Hockey Day in Canada To Broadcast Games in Several Languages

CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada hosts “Hockey Day in Canada,” the annual tribute to the game of hockey tomorrow, February 9, 2008. As usual, all six Canadian NHL teams are in action but given the quirky schedule, some of the games involve American-based opponents. What really caught my attention is that the broadcast languages will […]