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2006 Census Data on Aboriginals Released

Related Stories Native group assails StatsCan census results, calls for review (Canadian Press) Native group wants review of census results; National Assembly disputes numbers of aboriginals living off reserve (Brantford Expositor) There’s lots of coverage and interpretation of the 2006 census data as it relates to aboriginal people in Canada. Some note that urban centres […]


The new Bud Light commercial has me thinking again about Scott Kiesling’s dude research. Dude, the commercial is too funny!

Suicide in BC Community

The Vancouver Sun publishes today a long and immensely sad portrait of suicide and other social problems in Hazelton, British Columbia. The article’s subtitle summarizes adequately the suicide problem facing the community: “Eight suicides and 111 attempts this year have left a B.C. community reeling.” Speculative answers for the suicide epidemic are given: downturn in […]

The Whale Hunt – Stunning Photography and Storytelling

The Whale Hunt presents Jonathan Harris’ experience among Inuipiat Eskimos of Barrow Alaska in stunning photography and a unique, narrative-driven interface. From Harris’ statement: The purpose of this project was threefold: First, to experiment with a new interface for human storytelling. The photographs are presented in a framework that tells the moment-to-moment story of the […]

Nokia Cell Phone Researcher on TED

A presentation by Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase is now available on His talk is about cell phones and how to design the cell phones of the future. He asks why, regardless of culture, do people usually carry with them keys, money, and a cellphone. Some of Chipchase’s anecdotes come from observing cell phone users […]

The Ethnography of Chewing Gum Chewers?

Fast Company magazine, famous for its early coverage of corporate anthropology*, has a short piece this month (subscription may be required) on the research that went into Wrigley’s new gum ‘5’. The descriptions of the participant-observation research are fantastic: The development of 5 came out of a management edict to make a splash among image-conscious […]

Small Reserve Community Goes Wireless

Seabird Island is going wireless. The small reserve community in the eastern Fraser Valley (Coast Salish) will be blanketed by wireless internet by the end of July. VOIP is next on the Band Council’s technology plans. This effort may lead to business opportunities, like providing internet services to other native communities. Sphere: Related Content

Rules, not laws, Govern Line Ups

My Intro to Cultural Anthropology students should take note of this article from It outlines cultural differences for queuing up, comparing specifically Great Britain and the United States. Sphere: Related Content

Only in Canada, Eh? Pitiful.*

Canadian lawmakers will spend time tomorrow — in a parliamentary committee no less — discussing why Shane Doan was named captain of the Canadian men’s hockey team playing in the World Championships. *Apologies to Red Rose. Sphere: Related Content

The Assumptions of Hockey Fight Fans

Vancouver sports talk radio has discussed the importance and role of fighting in NHL hockey with some regularity this winter. The motivation for the discussion is related, I suspect, to a number of high profile and serious fighting injuries over the last few months. But the explanations for fighting in hockey — and, importantly, why […]