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Truth, Reconciliation, and Residential Schools

Prime Minister Harper will read Canada’s apology for residential schooling in the House of Commons tomorrow. The CBC has a number of features associated with Harper’s speech. The National (CBC TV) is broadcasting special productions as part of its nightly newscasts this week. And, the has an extensive online historical package on its website. […]

Union of BC Indian Chiefs’ Digital Collections Project Complete

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs announces the completion of its digital collection of historical resources. The following are found in the collection: Unity: Newsletter published from 1970 to 1971 Nesika: Newsletter published from 1972 to 1977 UBCIC News: Newsletter published form 1977 to 1980 UBCIC Posters: Posters created in the 1970s to present day […]

Living Relatives of Kwaday Dan Ts’inchi Found

This story fascinates me — both for reasons of human interest and aboriginal rights. DNA testing has identified seventeen living relatives of an aboriginal hunter who died perhaps three hundred years ago. His remains were frozen in glacial ice in northern BC in the territory of the Champagne-Aishihik First Nations (Athapaskan). The seventeen people connected […]

Musqueam Appove Land Deal

The Musqueam First Nation has voted to accept a land and cash deal connected to the UBC Golf Course and Pacific Spirit Park. The vote was overwhelming at 98%. This deal has been the subject of controversy — and has brought questions about land claims, treaties, and aboriginal rights into the middle of the affluent […]

Suicide in BC Community

The Vancouver Sun publishes today a long and immensely sad portrait of suicide and other social problems in Hazelton, British Columbia. The article’s subtitle summarizes adequately the suicide problem facing the community: “Eight suicides and 111 attempts this year have left a B.C. community reeling.” Speculative answers for the suicide epidemic are given: downturn in […]

The Musqueam Land Deal Discussed at ‘Forests and Oceans’

Charles Menzies has a thoughtful post about the disconnect between the public’s intellectual ability to accept aboriginal land and title rights and the emotional refusal to accept that the UBC Golf Course and part of a popular park could be returned to the Musequeam First Nation in a land settlement. Charles asks specifically for responses […]

November Issue of The Walrus Devoted to the Arctic

Articles address Inuit perspectives on climate change, Arctic sovereignty, travel to Siberia, BC’s Great Bear Rainforest, and Inuit art. More here.

Payments Overdue for Williston Reservoir Mess

Williston Reservoir and Silt Originally uploaded by TFM. According to Vaughn Palmer of the Vancouver Sun , the Tsay Keh Dene and the Kwadacha (Athapaskans) of north-central British Columbia are finally going to see restitution for suffering caused by the flooding of the Williston Reservoir in the 1960s. (Williston Reservoir is North America‚Äôs largest artificially […]

More on Campbell’s Call for Recognizing Aboriginal Nation(s)

There’s more press today on BC Premier Campbell’s idea that aboriginals be recognized as a nation within Canada. This post will serve as the repository for these links. Campbell takes the First Nations lead (Victoria Times Colonist) More and more, the B.C. Liberals are focusing their second term on aboriginal concerns, either voluntarily, as with […]

Campbell’s Transformation Complete; Calls for Native Nationhood Declaration

On the heels of Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper’s call to recognize Quebec as a nation within Canada, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell is calling on Canada to recognize all aboriginal people as a nation within Canada. In an Op-Ed piece in the National Post called ‘A United Canada’, Campbell writes “Let us celebrate who […]