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Xeni Gwet’in In Court Over Mine

The Xeni Gwet’in are in court today claiming that the development of a copper-gold mine is an infringement of their aboriginal right to fish. The mine plan will destroy a small fishing lake called Fish Lake used by Xeni Gwet’in people for food. The Globe and Mail picked up the story (alt. link): While … […]

Gull Eating Salmon

Gull Eating Salmon Originally uploaded by TFM I enjoy fall in Vancouver largely because of the opportunities to see wildlife. Salmon run and spawn in several area rivers in October and November. Hoy Creek, next to Douglas College in Coquitlam, has a run of chum and coho salmon peaking in October. Hyde Creek, also in […]

Sockeye Return to Coquitlam River

This is a really cool story about the return of sockeye salmon to the Coquitlam River, just east of Metro Vancouver. It involves the efforts of the Kwikwetlem First Nation to restore the salmon run disrupted in 1903 by the building of a dam. Also: Salmon return after century-long absence (Vancouver Province) Sphere: Related Content

Fishing Decision: ‘It’s not about race. It’s about place.’

Or so says Grand Chief Doug Kelly, speaking moments ago on CKNW Vancouver radio about the Supreme Court of Canada decision in R v. Kapp (2008 SCC 41). Kelly was talking with Michael Smyth on the Christy Clark show. Phil Eidsvik of the Fisheries Survival Coalition was part of the interview as well. Kelly distinguished […]

No Historical Commercial Fishery for the Lax Kw’alaams

The BC Supreme Court ruled today that the Lax Kw’alaams (Coast Tsimshian; Prince Rupert area) do not have a right to fish for commercial purposes. Ian Mulgrew, of the Vancouver Sun, quotes the judge’s ruling: But their claim that an “ancient trade in eulachon grease has transmogrified to a modern-day right to commercial fishing of […]

Kapp ‘Race-Based Fishing’ Case Before Canadian Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada is hearing arguments today in a case of illegal fishing on the Fraser River. Sometimes referred to as the Kapp Case, the Court is expected to rule on the legality of aboriginal-only commercial fishing openings. From At issue is whether the government has the authority to issue early fishing […]

Chum Salmon are Running …

Jumping Salmon Originally uploaded by TFM … in Hoy Creek, only a short walk from the Coquitlam Campus of Douglas College! It pleases me greatly to be able to walk ten minutes from my office and see the annual return of Chum salmon to local rivers. (More pictures here.) Sphere: Related Content

Missing Eulachon Get National Press Coverage

Please see updates, below. Mark Hume’s internet discussion on this issue is very interesting. The Nuxalk have posted links to these stories and additional information about the eulachon on their new website. The Nuxalk First Nation (Coast Salish; Bella Coola, BC) has held its gathering for the eulachon. They dubbed it ‘A Feast of Shame.’ […]

New Aboriginal Fishing Decision

The Supreme Court of BC overturned the convictions of several aboriginal fishers arrested in 2001 for fishing during a DFO closure on the Fraser River. The judge noted that the trial judge did not consider adequately the aboriginal rights of the fishers based largely on their fishing preferences: In failing to recognize the native fishers […]

Aboriginal Fisheries are Race-Based

The BC Fisheries Survival Coalition has weighed in on Law Professor Hamar Foster’s assertion that BC aboriginal fisheries are not based on race. Being the “wrong” race does not prevent Canadians from teaching at universities, being a judge or working for government. Sphere: Related Content