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UVic Law Prof on Aboriginal Fishing Rights

University of Victoria Law School professor Hamar Foster writes that history, not race, determines the extent to which aboriginal fishing rights are entrenched in treaties: First Nations are being allocated fishing rights not because of their race but because their fisheries were wrongfully appropriated … If a First Nation is recognized as having fishing rights […]

Race-based Fishery Questions, Redux

Douglas Harris writes in about the recent BC Court of Appeal ruling Regina v. Kapp. At its heart, the case is about whether or not aboriginal only fisheries are race-based and therefore unconstitutional. Harris is a legal scholar at the University of British Columbia and says the aboriginal fishery is not based on race: […]

Latest Court Decision in BC’s Salmon Fishery

Last week, the BC Court of Appeal ruled that native-only fisheries are not illegal. This decision (Regina v. Kapp, BCCA 277) builds from a 2003 decision (R. v. Kapp, 2003 BCPC 0279) in which one provincial court judge argued that the constitutional equality rights of non-native fishers were violated by native-only fisheries. In the current […]

Resource-Related Shorts

Two shorts of note today, both via Yahoo Protecting Knowledge Group. 1) The New York Times reports on the economic and environmental complexities of closing a The Black Mesa Mine in northeastern Arizona. The closure is presented first as a win for environmentalists and a loss for Native Americans workers but the article notes later […]

Fish News from the Fraser River

A handful of stories related to fish and fishing on the Fraser River east of Vancouver, BC, have appeared in the past day or so. Here are the highlights: The numbers of returning Fraser River sockeye salmon are low this year, according to the Vancouver Sun and Questions about the viability of a commercial […]

Fish Names comments on a fascinating database of fish names called FishBase. FishBase includes numerous search engines and research tools related to the classification of fish and it catalogues fish on a global scale. The FishBase managers provide a useful description of the value of this resource to studies in linguistics, linguistic anthropology, and ethnotaxonomy. I […]