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Talking Anthropology With Grade 1s

I’m back from talking with my son’s grade one class about what a cultural anthropologist is and what a cultural anthropologist does. My invitation to speak to the class came as part of a classroom unit on jobs and the tools people use to do their jobs. As many of you helped me think through […]

New Moose Hunting Regulations in Northwest BC

Update: has picked up the story: Province shortens hunting season following Tahltan blockades. And, now has a discussion board related to the topic of new hunting regulations in the Klappan. Original Post: On the heels of last fall’s Tahltan aboriginal protests of the open moose hunt in the Klappan and elsewhere in northwestern […]

Resource-Related Shorts

Two shorts of note today, both via Yahoo Protecting Knowledge Group. 1) The New York Times reports on the economic and environmental complexities of closing a The Black Mesa Mine in northeastern Arizona. The closure is presented first as a win for environmentalists and a loss for Native Americans workers but the article notes later […]

Fish News from the Fraser River

A handful of stories related to fish and fishing on the Fraser River east of Vancouver, BC, have appeared in the past day or so. Here are the highlights: The numbers of returning Fraser River sockeye salmon are low this year, according to the Vancouver Sun and Questions about the viability of a commercial […]

Stikine River Salmon in Vancouver Grocery Store

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the first wild salmon of the season had arrived at our local grocery store in North Vancouver — and the fish was from the Stikine River! The people with whom I conduct my fieldwork in northern British Columbia live in the Upper Stikine River watershed and they fish […]

The Practicalities of Hunting

The ‘To Wit’ column in the May 2005 issue of Anthropology News is fantastic. Titled ‘Hunting Squirrels in College Land,’ author and archaeologist John Whittaker outlines the challenges students faced when asked to shoot squirrels around campus with a rubber band as their weapon, and then to write an essay about the experience. Whittaker designed […]

Southwestern Food

In response to a specific request to be more specific about my eating habits in the American Southwest this past week, I offer this mouthwatering menu of recent gastronomical experiences. Around Albuquerque, I was pleased to return to old haunts including The Frontier on Central Avenue where I ate a breakfast burrito smoothered in red […]