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Duty to Consult in Play as Shell Suspends Klappan Drilling?

Intercontinental Cry draws an intriguing connection between a recent Supreme Court of BC decision and Shell’s suspension of drilling operations in the Klappan (Wii’litswx v. British Columbia (Minister of Forests); 2008 BCSC 1139). This Court ruling chastised the provincial government for not consulting the Gitanyow (north central BC; Gitksan) about logging leases on its traditional […]

Clayoquot Sound: Diverging Interests of Native and Environmentalists

Mark Hume has a terrific article in the Globe and Mail (or here) about the politics surrounding aboriginal involvement in the environmental movement in BC. For example: One of the ironies in Clayoquot Sound is that the native company now fighting environmentalists was saved from financial collapse two years ago by Ecotrust Canada – a […]

When First Nations and Environmentalist Activities Don’t Mesh

Update (July 28 2008): Citing an indication that no new logging roads would be built before the fall, environmentalists have postponed further action in Hesquaiht Point Creek old-growth forest (Clayoquot Sound). They have also agreed to talks with local First Nations leaders. Local First Nations hold the licenses to log areas of Clayoquot Sound that […]

Pine Beetle Epidemic Over?

CKNW radio (Vancouver) and report today that the Pine Beetle is moving on from BC to Alberta. The epidemic in BC is over. Why? Because the pine beetle has run out of trees to consume. Scary. (Of course, just because the bugs have stopped chewing doesn’t mean that the effects stop being felt. Communities […]

More Stó:lo History in

Update The third installment is now out. In it, Shields inquires about the success of sharing forestry revenue between BC and a Fraser Valley First Nation (Leq’á:mél). Original Post Sandra Shields’ second installment in her series about efforts at reconciliation between native and non-native people in the Fraser Valley is out. Title ‘Beyond Teepees and […]

Mountain Pine Beetle in Walrus Magazine

Patrick White writes about the effect of the pine beetle on the British Columbia economy in the April issue of Walrus Magazine (subscription required). Titled ‘Red Rush,’ much of the article describes life in logging towns like Vanderhoof, British Columbia. White’s prose is terrific. He portrays the impact of ‘bug kill’ on logging families and […]

BC First Nations and Environmentalism – Germany-based Website

A new website devoted to BC First Nations, historical relations with settler governments, and concerns about the extraction of natural resources has appeared out of Germany and the Institute for the History of Science. Titled ‘First Nations: Land Rights and Environmentalism in British Columbia,’ the website has a sharp focus: This “First Nations” website documents […]

Fort St. James, BC

Father Morice’s Church Originally uploaded by TFM. Fort St. James is the northern interior heart of BC logging country. Clearcuts are visible and accessible to travelers. Most dramatic, however, is the extent of the pine beetle infestation. This bug has turned wide swaths of BC’s northern forests red in colour, killing the trees as it […]

UBC Anthropology Group Podcasts

Charles Menzies and the group that writes Forests and Oceans for the Future are offering podcasts of their speakers’s series. All the information is here. This group describes its interests this way: [This is] a research group based at [the University of British Columbia] that focuses on ecological knowledge research conducted in collaboration with north […]

Forest and Range Agreements Backgrounder

The ‘Forests & Oceans for the Future Discussion and News Blog’ has a useful summary of what British Columbia’s Forest and Range Agreements are. A history of the concept is also provided. Forest and Range Agreements are interim agreements between the Ministry of Forests and eligible First Nations designed to provide for “workable accommodation” of […]