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Category Archives: Forestry

New First Nations Forest And Range Agreement Template

Christine Mingie at Forestry Law Blog has posted what she beleives to be a template for new Forest and Range Agreements between First Nations and the British Columbia Government. Falling under the auspices of the ‘New Relationship‘ between BC and First Nations, this template, says Mingie, “represents a dramatic shift in policy in British Columbia […]

Link to Maritime Logging Decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada

The full text of the Supreme Court of Canada decisions in Regina v. Marshall and Regina v. Bernard (2005 SCC 43) is now available here.

Impact of Recent Forestry Decisions on BC First Nations

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs has issued a response to the Supreme Court of Canada rulings today which denied logging rights to the Mi’makq in the Maritimes. Highlights from the release include the following: Grand Chief Edward John, a member of the First Nations Summit Political Executive said after reviewing the decisions: “Today’s Marshall […]

No Logging Rights for Maritime First Nation

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled today that the Mi’kmaq do not have the right within their eigthteenth century treaty to log Crown land. Because the Mi’kmaq did not prove they had logged Crown-controlled land at the time of their treaty, their claims were denied. carries the story and this quotation is from it: […]

A Legal Blog with First Nations Posts

Because of unresolved treaty claims by First Nations groups in British Columbia, legal issues and the potential for litigation often form the backdrop for anthropological research here. (See, for example, a list of court decisions related to aboriginal rights and title in BC on my website.) With this in mind, it pleases me to have […]