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Category Archives: Gender

Fighting in Hockey – Defining Canadian Masculinity

CBC Radio program ‘The Current‘ had a fascinating discussion about fighting in hockey and definitions of Canadian masculinity. Sports writer Bruce Dowbiggin and sports psychologist Saul Miller contribute to the discussion. One of the callers to the program was Anne Hartman, anthropology graduate student at York University. This conversation is far more nuanced than the […]

Special Issue of Anthropologica: ‘The New Anthropology of Sexuality’

Anthropologica, the journal of the Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA), has published a special issue devoted to research on gender and sexuality. The table of contents lists these articles: “The New Anthropology of Sexuality” (Andrew P. Lyons and Harriet D. Lyons) “The Power of Excess: Royal Incest and the Ptolemaic Dynasty” (Sheila L. Ager) “‘Bisexuality’ and […]

Special Edition of Scientific American

I’m always on the lookout for useful teaching materials for my first and second year courses. To that end, I am now working my way through the current Special Edition of Scientific American. Titled “Becoming Human: Evolution and the Rise of Intelligence,” the issue is devoted to recent research in biological anthropology. There are articles […]

Gender Roundup

Oneman at Savage Minds presents a summary of several recent news items related to sexuality and gender. The discussion in the comments section is worth reading too.

Observing Gender

My Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality students will want to take a look at these current posts. 1) From Savage Minds: Kerim (or maybe not?) discusses an article from The New Republic dscussing the poor performance of boys in grade school and the corresponding drop in numbers of men in college courses. This quotation jumped […]