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Sea-to-sky Cultural Tour: Audio Edition

As you know, I am a huge fan of the new Skwxwū7mesh (Squamish) and/or Liĺwat7ul (Lilwat) Cultural Tour up the Sea-to-sky Highway. I’ve blogged previously about the tour and the Skwxwū7mesh Liĺwat7ul Cultural Centre in Whistler. I now see on the SLCC website an audio accompaniment to the drive up the highway. The downloadable zip […]

Accusing the Capitalist Witch

We’ve been discussing witchcraft in the Anthropology of Religion this week. The idea that accusing someone of witchcraft may be a way of enforcing norms against wealth accumulation or self-aggrandizement came up several times in our classroom conversations. Is anyone out there (in anthropology, in the mainstream press) considering that the outrage against AIG executives […]

Facebook, Seniors, and Watching Our Own Behavior

Is there anything actually surprising about the observation that our behavior on Facebook changes depending on who we perceive to be watching? Isn’t this true in any social situation? Sphere: Related Content

Safeway in Smithers Has Wifi — and Other Gems from N. BC

Northern Vancouver Island Highway Sign Originally uploaded by TFM I’m back from ten days of driving and camping around northern BC with my family. A few observations and points of note: Safeway in Smithers has free wifi. It provided useful when my celphone died and I was able to Skype from the parking lot. The […]

When First Nations and Environmentalist Activities Don’t Mesh

Update (July 28 2008): Citing an indication that no new logging roads would be built before the fall, environmentalists have postponed further action in Hesquaiht Point Creek old-growth forest (Clayoquot Sound). They have also agreed to talks with local First Nations leaders. Local First Nations hold the licenses to log areas of Clayoquot Sound that […]

Mining Minister on Mines Along Highway 37

The Minister of State for Mining in BC Kevin Krueger at the Minerals North Conference in Smithers: “I can see the day when highway 37 north will be like a pearl necklace of mines up and down the road.” Sphere: Related Content

Tsawwassen Treaty is Racially Discriminatory …

… writes Mark Milke in the National Post: … Canadians in general are suspicious of any policy that provides favourable treatment to certain Canadians on the basis of their race. A national poll in 2003 from the Centre for Research and Information found 49% of all Canadians believed that “few or none” of the hundreds […]

Notices of Appeal Filed in Tsilhqot’in Case

Justine Hunter reports in the Globe and Mail that the BC and Federal governments have filed appeals of the recent Tsilhqot’in land claims case. It is unclear at this time if the appeal will go ahead or if, rather, the appeals are filed simply because there is a time limit on doing so. Sphere: Related […]

Kapp ‘Race-Based Fishing’ Case Before Canadian Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada is hearing arguments today in a case of illegal fishing on the Fraser River. Sometimes referred to as the Kapp Case, the Court is expected to rule on the legality of aboriginal-only commercial fishing openings. From At issue is whether the government has the authority to issue early fishing […]

The Musqueam Land Deal Discussed at ‘Forests and Oceans’

Charles Menzies has a thoughtful post about the disconnect between the public’s intellectual ability to accept aboriginal land and title rights and the emotional refusal to accept that the UBC Golf Course and part of a popular park could be returned to the Musequeam First Nation in a land settlement. Charles asks specifically for responses […]