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New Moose Hunting Regulations in Northwest BC

Update: has picked up the story: Province shortens hunting season following Tahltan blockades. And, now has a discussion board related to the topic of new hunting regulations in the Klappan. Original Post: On the heels of last fall’s Tahltan aboriginal protests of the open moose hunt in the Klappan and elsewhere in northwestern […]

Canadian Anthropology Meetings (CASCA)

I’ll be attending the Canadian Anthropology Society meetings (CASCA) next week. I am part of a round-table discussion on practicing (applied) anthropology. From the session abstract: This roundtable is aimed at sparking a dialogue with/between anthropologists who are practising largely outside academia or within academia but within a largely applied context … The roundtable will […]

Public Discussions of Hunting Protests in Northern BC

One of my summer projects is to learn more about public attitudes towards indigenous rights in British Columbia. I am also looking for current examples of the stigmas and stereotypes associated with indigenous hunting by non-native people (Figure 2, in which foraging is confused with pastoralism, for example). Conveniently, events surrounding a blockade in Tahltan […]

Renewing FieldNotes

Right: Klappan Mountain, northwestern, BC (Aug 2009) After a year away from blogging, I am ready to start again. I want to continue blogging about aboriginal rights and issues in British Columbia. But, I also want to blog about two specific topics: 1) I am starting research and writing related to the reader comments on […]

Men, Women use Internet like Hunter-Gatherers

I never know quite to make of studies like this. In the current issue of IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, two researchers assert that the skills required for surfing the internet — including navigation skills — are more apparent in men. They connect this ability to our ancestry as hunters. From The [researchers are] […]

Palin’s Record on Subsistence Hunting

Sarah Palin’s record of trying to overturn subsistence hunting and fishing laws is attracting some attention. Her views are a beautiful example of the middle class construction of wilderness, that wilderness is simply for recreation, something to be enjoyed in short bursts, or exploited to exhaustion. There appears to be no place for subsistence hunting […]

Living Relatives of Kwaday Dan Ts’inchi Found

This story fascinates me — both for reasons of human interest and aboriginal rights. DNA testing has identified seventeen living relatives of an aboriginal hunter who died perhaps three hundred years ago. His remains were frozen in glacial ice in northern BC in the territory of the Champagne-Aishihik First Nations (Athapaskan). The seventeen people connected […]

The Whale Hunt – Stunning Photography and Storytelling

The Whale Hunt presents Jonathan Harris’ experience among Inuipiat Eskimos of Barrow Alaska in stunning photography and a unique, narrative-driven interface. From Harris’ statement: The purpose of this project was threefold: First, to experiment with a new interface for human storytelling. The photographs are presented in a framework that tells the moment-to-moment story of the […]

Offensive Comments in Wake of Kemess North’s Demise

I am sometimes asked for evidence to support the idea that aboriginal people in BC continue to face ignorance because they assert traditions based on hunting. It appears that there is a lot of evidence of this fact coming from Northgate officials in the wake of the failure of Kemess North mine to gain environmental […]

Dissertation Posted

I successfully defended my dissertation at the University of New Mexico last month. Now, the final edits on the text are done. For those who might be interested, my dissertation is now available for download (1MB pdf file). (It will be available eventually via ProQuest Dissertations. The graduates in my year are the first who […]