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Aboriginal Hunting Provides Food: Expert Witness

In-SHUCK-ch’s Space links to an article from the New Leader describing the testimony an expert witness arguing that the right of the Cowichan (Coast Salish; Southern Vancouver Island near Duncan, BC) to hunt is critical because hunting provides food for people in the group. Joe Bartleman is testifying in a case of illegal hunting where […]

The Changing Methods of Caribou Hunting

A fascinating story about changing caribou hunting techniques appeared in Canoe News’s science section. The article suggests that aboriginal hunting generally — and changing views of animals and high powered rifles specifically — is contributing to significant declines in caribou numbers in the Northwest Territories. Aboriginal hunting may be affecting the numbers more than industrial […]

Supreme Court of Canada: Night Hunting with Lights OK

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled today in a case about aboriginal hunting and treaty rights on Vancouver Island. Two Tsartlip (Coast Salish; Southern Vancouver Island) men were convicted under the BC Wildlife Act of hunting with the aid of a light after they shot a decoy deer at night. In the ruling which overturns […]

Another Climate Change, Culture Change Story (An expensive one to boot …)

Doug Struck at the Washington Post writes another story this week about climate and culture change in the Canadian arctic. (Previous story here about a new arctic park; my blog post here.) Struck’s current story describes the decreasing feasibility of sustenance hunting. Peter Taptuna, the manager of the local hunting association, is quoted. His impressions […]

Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Metis Hunting Case

I have not paid much attention to the Metis hunting rights case in Manitoba. Perhaps I should start doing so, given the testimony about hunting and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) reported in the Brandon Sun (subscription required). Recent testimony describes Metis people hunting for subsistence and not for trophies. Maps of hunting and food collection […]

Polluted Moose in Northeastern BC

Larry Pynn writes today in the Vancouver Sun about the possible connections between oil drilling and diseased moose. Focusing on the experiences of the Doig River First Nation, Pynn offers a balanced story about the sick animals Doig hunters are killing and the economic benefits to Doig of oil and gas extraction. Also noted is […]

Hunting and Survival Training in the Far North reports on declining traditional knowledge about proper hunting techniques in Nunuvut. The article cites elders who hear of young people failing to dress properly for the cold. Education about how to dress is required. A Nunuvut researcher continues: “If they were taught [survival and hunting skills] — not just names of animals and the […]

Innu Cultural Revitalization

I have been showing Hugh Brody’s Hunters and Bombers this week in the Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. The film shows the conflict between the Innu of Labrador (no relation to the Inuit) and the Canadian military which, in its commitments to NATO in the early 1990s, conducted training exercises of low flying over Innu hunting […]

‘Save the Baby Veal’ and Canada’s Seal Hunt

Thanks to a student for pointing me towards a poster showing two Inuit students cuddling a baby cow under the banner of ‘Save the Baby Veal: Avoid Cultural Prejudice.’ Created by teacher Murray Angus, the poster plays off of the attention celebrities like Brigitte Bardot and Paul McCartney bring to Canada’s seal hunt. Many Inuit […]

Inuit Nutrition

So many of my recent posts have been about the Inuit and the Canadian far north. Here’s another story from Titled ‘New Project Tackles Inuit Nutrition’, the story describes a reserach project in Cape Dorset (Baffin Island) aimed at increasing the amount of country foods eaten locally. It is supported by Nunavut health officials […]