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Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation

Terry Glavin cautions that we must not forget the truth component of the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He elaborates at

Living Relatives of Kwaday Dan Ts’inchi Found

This story fascinates me — both for reasons of human interest and aboriginal rights. DNA testing has identified seventeen living relatives of an aboriginal hunter who died perhaps three hundred years ago. His remains were frozen in glacial ice in northern BC in the territory of the Champagne-Aishihik First Nations (Athapaskan). The seventeen people connected […]

‘Sacred Headwaters’ on Endangered Rivers List

The headwaters of the Skeena, Nass, and Stikine Rivers has made the annual list of endangered rivers. The Outdoor Recreation Council of BC does the ranking and lists the headwaters at #6 because of the possibility of coal-bed methane mining. (The Upper Pitt River in southwestern BC is #1; it is threatened by a power […]

Saskatchewan Infant Deaths Underscore Reserve Problems

The accounts of two little girls freezing to death on a Saskatchewan reserve provokes sadness and anger beyond words. The living conditions on Canadian reserves — limited access to phones, bad water, the quality of reserve governments — are surely major factors in their deaths. Also “Problems of Governance” (National Post, Feb 2, 2008) Sphere: […]

Suicide in BC Community

The Vancouver Sun publishes today a long and immensely sad portrait of suicide and other social problems in Hazelton, British Columbia. The article’s subtitle summarizes adequately the suicide problem facing the community: “Eight suicides and 111 attempts this year have left a B.C. community reeling.” Speculative answers for the suicide epidemic are given: downturn in […]

New York Media on the Sacred Headwaters

New York-based Epoch Times has picked up the story of the ‘sacred headwaters’ in northwestern British Columbia. The new information (to me anyway) coming from the story is that Shell has sued Tahltan three elders for loss of income. The Klabona Keepers, the society protesting development in the headwaters, has in turn sued Shell for […]

Inuvialuktun Language to get ‘Update’

The reports on a meeting of Inuvialuit elders and teachers in Inuvik, Northwest Territories (western Canadian arctic) to update the Inuvialuktun language. The article suggests concern for the state of the language because “has not had a major update in more than 20 years, and speakers say it needs to keep up with the […]

Tsawwassen Treaty News Roundup

The Tsawwassen Treaty has passed the third and final vote in the BC Legislature. The story is widely covered, as are the political games around the final vote. In sum: The Liberal government took the unusual step of calling a third-reading vote on the treaty immediately following question period, when most MLAs are in the […]

Gordon Campbell: Champion of Native Causes

The Globe and Mail reports today (or here) on the changes in BC Premier Gordon Campbell’s views on aboriginal issues over the past ten years.

Offensive Comments in Wake of Kemess North’s Demise

I am sometimes asked for evidence to support the idea that aboriginal people in BC continue to face ignorance because they assert traditions based on hunting. It appears that there is a lot of evidence of this fact coming from Northgate officials in the wake of the failure of Kemess North mine to gain environmental […]